What to do before undergraduate psychology problem erupts
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Although from say on the whole, undergraduate can yet be regarded as the group with a bright sunshine, regard high quality as the talent however, their mental health condition still is teasing social nerve from beginning to end. As 5 · the drawing near of section of mental health of undergraduate of 25 whole nations, if each college is taught about mental health, inscribe much rise. Everybody is thinking generally: Before undergraduate psychology problem erupts, what can you do?

Is the undergraduate flimsier?

Compere: The bewilderment of undergraduate mentally basically is in now what respect, can you go in order to say contemporary undergraduate is compared flimsier?

Wu Shaoyi: We encounter seek the student that psychology seeks advice and coachs, various problems have, contact of main somebody time, study, affection, obtain employment, get used to the problem that waits for a respect. Contemporary undergraduate has stronger competitive consciousness, the crisis that develops to future feels stronger. From face pressure and competitive angle to look, the graduate student number that psychology will come to to seek advice before is increasing, have apparent ascendant tendency.

Zhang Jiming: The problem that the undergraduate encounters and they located grade is concerned. It is with the undergraduate students exemple, big what the student of one basically seeks advice is how to get used to university study, how to adjust lifestyle, how set target; Big 2, big the problem of 3 students is centered in human relation, love and study respect; Arrive big 4, the student plans to go up to baffle quite in development of obtain employment, profession commonly. Undergraduate group occurrence issue is more in recent years, not pure the problem that is student itself, the environmental pressure that year after year increases, the demand with higher and higher to them society, it is the reason that cannot ignore. Can say, it is a variety of reasons created a result, I not apt is used " flimsy " will describe an undergraduate.

Li Juan: Of most undergraduate or the psychological problem that can better land is faced and solve oneself, call in the student is expansibility seeks advice mostly, the scale that obstacle sex seeks advice from is lesser. The undergraduate is in mentally break lacteal period, have already from numerous psychology, individualize again independent one side, the confluence of these two tendency is spent taller, with respect to the specification the person matures more, we try to guide a student to find both balance place all the time, make they can are close to " do not be about to even more from heart institute quadrature " psychological state.

How to act before the problem erupts?

Compere: Have the method of what science, make psychological problem of the undergraduate can get alleviating before erupt?

Wu Shaoyi: We had built more perfect early-warning system, interference now system and dog system, psychological problem basically is precaution is given priority to, face all student to be given priority to with mental health education namely, treat the student of intentional grain issue to seasonable accord seeks advice and coach, seasonable intervention receives before making psychological crisis recurrent.
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