Extended battalion to develop whole area the 2nd outdoors extend Education Found
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2008 first quarter, yellow a mountainous area travel suffers off-season and blizzard is freezing weather influence, experienced January low fan, the warm-up Feburary and the get warm again after a cold spell March 3 phase, whole area travel recieves 286 thousand person-time, add compared to the same period 21.7% ; Enter a country among them travel 15 thousand person-time, add compared to the same period 26.05% ; Travel gross earnings 178 million yuan, add compared to the same period 13.33% , travel among them commodity manages income eight million seven hundred and twenty-four thousand five hundred yuan.
With photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, this quarterly travel recieves Huang Shan area to basically behave the following characteristics: It is travel is recieved heat up a trend gradually apparent. Travel of whole January area recieves 35 thousand person-time, drop compared to the same period 7.89% ; Travel will recieve 66 thousand person-time Feburary, drop compared to the same period 1.49% ; Travel will recieve 185 thousand person-time March, grow 42.31% compared to the same period. The statistical data of 3 months makes clear first quarter, area travel recieves Huang Shan to already cast off snow calamity shadow thoroughly, travel economy already entered the drive of benign development. 2 it is travel of business affairs conference increases somewhat. Get business affairs conference and all through the ages of travel photograph union urban white-collar a group of things with common features favour, the travel resource with Huang Shan elegant area, increasingly perfect travel recieves establishment and convenient traffic network to make the business affairs conference of each district round scramble for sth. Only on March 1, 17 days, big public house of international of peace and tranquility recieves 3730 people day in all, grow 303.68% compared to the same period, among them the conference recieves 1500 people day, occupy 40.2% ; Conference of guesthouse of yellow hill education is round from March the middle ten days of a month is discharged all the time July; Group of conference of big public house of yellow hill restaurant, new harbor is thick as hail also. 3 it is to swim on the weekend, the festival swims still hot. Beauty spot of lake of peace and tranquility " 38 " recieve 2190 person-time, grow 55% compared to the same period, will swim to recieve 14742 person-time in all on the weekend March, grow 60% above compared to the same period; Area of emerald cereal scene " 38 " recieve 1886 person-time, will recieve 18622 person-time in all on the weekend March, amplitude all exceeds 50% ; Area of scene of 3 big 4A only March the 2nd double cease day recieves 5767 person-time, occupy the middle ten days of a month on March to always recieve a quantity 3 into above. 4 it is short line swims with countryside the product accepts favour fully. After be being adjusted to answer new off system actively " small long holiday " swim and swim on the weekend will hot with each passing day travel topological features, area force appoint active plan rolls out go for a walk in the country in spring of tea countryside amorous feelings to swim, pedestrian mountain-climbing fitness swims, zoology amorous feelings is recreational swim, experience of educated youth culture swims etc one, swim 2 days product, urge travel of hot short line. Each countryside travel recieves characteristic of bit of folk-custom of basis this locality and resource advantage to develop vegetables of farming common experience, fruit the travel product such as photography of picked, recreational go angling, countryside, get increasingly big in urban consumer welcome. 5 it is energy of life of person of assemble of new product development. 10 thousand general extend beautiful lake mountain villa and Anhui groom the company cooperates, afterwards east whole area was developed after Huang Shan extends battalion the 2nd outdoors extend Education Foundation, this base can hold 400 people outdoors groom and 500 people are outdoors activity, attracted large quantities of drive oneself recreational a group of things with common features come round to experience. In March 1, 17 days are recieved in all extend groom 440 person-time, occupy 55.7% what always recieve. Huang Shan goes vacationing east area deep develop " educated youth culture " brand, those who hold " educated youth go and work in the countryside and mountain areas 40 anniversary activity " attracted return to one's native place of old educated youth of many 500 Shanghai to find a dream.
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