Shang Ruihua: Women football did not rot the root takes no account of the Olympi
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17 years ago, shang Ruihua of 46 years old hands over the Shuai Yin of Chinese women football cloudily; After 17 years, distance Olympic Games (search) can kick off return remnant many days 100, laoshuai of 63 years old is taken over again at the Chinese women football in dispute eddy. Rich life experience, let Shang Ruihua had not cared about flying language of so called gossip, had gotten used to those so called pressure. Outer bound thinks consistently Chinese women football " rot " when, laoshuai is being driven by a kind of ineffable sense of responsibility, he says he is not to achieve Olympic Games result, however the long-term development for Chinese women football.

On April 8, football of sweet river nation (search) Education Foundation, look at girls to undertake extending training, old handsome Shang Ruihua and reporter keep talking about the past, tell about the choice related him every time and women football.

[give mountain] the Shang Ruihua after 17 years resembles a boy same, had made the preparation of the battle again. Shang Ruihua of 63 years old and Chinese women football this gets together again to old friend in Olympic Games eve, shang Ruihua is touching the Chinese women football of bruise again and again with his sense of responsibility.

Reporter: Leave in you these in year, women football experienced China a few times to change handsome, why do you choose to come back to teach in this moment only?

Shang Ruihua: How to say, I feel medium to congress has a lot of outstanding coaches to be willing to teach before team, and children also won't have too much idea. This I feel different, experience is changed a few times handsome hind, public opinion of training environment, outside lets girls appeared to lose confidence to the coach. You want to know, team member is the core of team, if they lose confidence to the coach, comparative contest loses confidence, that is special dread affection. So, I feel I have a kind of responsibility, the responsibility of person of a kind of women football, I should stand to taking children to look for heart of letter in reply.

Reporter: Return national group this, fight of what kind of thought did you pass?

Shang Ruihua: Saying from firm sense is a kind of impulse, because from sufficient assist after the leader looks for me to talk not long, I promised to take over team. What I basically consider is, the group that Chinese women football passes painstaking education this for years should not arrive this is planted now degree, and I serve as the coach that will look at Chinese women football to pass wind storm rain all the time for years, see flavor is not very in these hearts. So, when I feel now is not consideration achievement any more, I am so responsible return a team again in, get together the heart of children again.

Reporter: At the outset sufficient assist how to invite you to teach again? Give you a few consent?

Shang Ruihua: Be in early when Yi Lisha prepares to finish class in vain, have sufficient assist the leader looks for me, but content is to seek an opinion, for instance which coach suits Chinese women football more, now how should level China women football cast off outside pressure to wait. After Vice-chairman Na Yong has received women football formally to work, he hopes I teach Chinese women football, make me serious consider. Sufficient assist non-privileged to me the acceptance that go up, just hope I am taken up the post of advocate handsome, I am right sufficient assist also do not have acceptance, just promise a leader to had led team, but the assurance that goes up without achievement. Because everybody knows to still 100 much day Olympic Games began, say to take champion or taking second place is to make beautiful.
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