Groom a company culture
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The immediate goal that company culture grooms lets employee understand company culture deep more namely, achieve the goal that uses act of culture standard employee thereby. Company culture is the thing that has vitality most, undertake company culture grooms should change the past the sort of invariable practice, undertake innovating on means and content.
Groom means diversification. Grooming is the process of a two-way communication. The enterprise should is aimed at groom at present give priority to with indoor classroom more, it is to engraft more what type grooms is actual, and partial employee is heard groom the cheesed, phenomenon that hears an exam to headache, the consideration is begun from much angle groom, rich groom means. Grooming on means, can adopt indoor the kind that ties with the photograph outdoor, begin field to extend the activity such as experience of service of training, society, practice more. Still can ask an expert to teach the way that give lessons by the past, turn into to behave outstanding advanced employee to come in culture of company of carry out travel by this enterprise lecture. Advanced employee and everybody share the personal experience in process of company culture construction and had experienced typical case, can let other employee understand the importance of oneself post not only, enhance honorary sense, also can let them acquire the method that raises oneself to operate a level actually from inside the practice experience of advanced employee more, know the way in culture of company of travel of the carry out on post, do good own job better, establish the social figure with a good business truly.
Groom content diversity. Grooming content respect, an error that the tradition grooms is be an armchair strategist, the work is real in the common sense that need has often by oversight. Accordingly, the content that company culture grooms can ask according to what integrated quality expands staff, in pay attention to theory study while, height takes pair of employee seriously to undertake the behavior of the respect such as standard of formal ceremony, service groom. When groom, all sorts of concepts that want a company are perforative among them, as a kind of standard, let employee understand the requirement of company culture in groom. The behavior standard that sees those in social life middling serves as groom content, not only easily employee is accepted, also more easily they apply in social activity, be helpful for promoting a business thereby socially figure, embody the service purpose of nicotian industry, cogent carry out goes " two consummate " .

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