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Reporter from national ocean bureau polar research center learns, "Receive arctic the first dawn -- Chinese undergraduate is arctic (Siwaerbade) inspect an activity " be about to begin, the Chinese head that 10 outstanding undergraduates such as Zhong Nan, Zheng Li, Li Xing comprise raises undergraduate division to take an examination of a team 28 days to will go to Norwegian Siwaerbade archipelago, undertake science makes an on-the-spot investigation. The winner Zheng Li of northeast competion area signs up for reporter of engage by special arrangement to will do the ahead that this arctic inspects to report as the life.

According to introducing, the member that Chinese head raises undergraduate arctic expedition passes many competion area choose of countrywide, finals undertakes in Dalian finally, 10 winners give a clue, obtain " arctic emissary " title, go to arctic to undertake science inspects an activity on behalf of Chinese undergraduate. Come from Dalian the person give a clue exclusively that the Zheng Li of maritime university is northeast competion area. Zheng Li says, this choose competition is very intense, besides undertake physical ability checks, outside extending written examination of training, polar knowledge to wait for an exam and training, still undertook English ability test, polar viability test and division take an examination of a task to show the competition that waits for a project. Can give a clue on behalf of undergraduate of northeast competion area, she feels very proud.

According to the country polar research center introduces marine bureau, the first station will visit expedition of arctic of first undergraduate of our country Norwegian and polar institute, see polar museum and world polar the boat that fight ice is archetypal " Fulamu " museum, the latitudinal and highest institution of higher learning on alive bound -- the university accepts Siwaerbade groom and field training, communicate face-to-face with the undergraduate that comes from world each country over. After this, undergraduates will enter arctic scientific sacred place -- area of new Ao Ersong, use station of our country arctic Yellow River to undertake science makes an on-the-spot investigation.

On March 8, they will have opportunity and local one case, meet the first arctic first sight of morning, experience the to the sun attaching after long polar night and longing.

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